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Hand planes

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Japanese wood hand plane Wakajishi Kanna 60mm Japan japanese

Wood hand plane Wakajishi Kanna 60mm


Japanese hand wood plane.  Blade : 60 mm (2.4")Cutting width : about 50 mm (2")Blade thickness : about 8 mmSize : 260 mm x 75 mm x 70 mm (including the blade). (10.2" x 3" x 2.8")Weight : about 1000 grams Blade is made of carbon steel. Made in Japan.

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Japan Wood smoothing hand plane Rokube Kanna 36mm Japanese

Wood hand plane "Rokube" Kanna 36mm


Japanese small Rokube wood plane.  Blade : 36 mm (1.4")Cutting width : about 32 mmBlade thickness : about 5 mmSize : 170 mm x 50 mm x 41 mm (including the blade)Weight : about 280 grams Blade is made of laminated carbon steel.Naturally dried white Oak.  Made in Japan.

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