Z-saw KATABA HI300mm Crosscut + Ripcut spare blade

Product Description

High quality japanese kataba Zsaw HI 300 with 2 different blades, one for crosscut and one for rip cut.

Blade length : 300mm (11.8")
Overall length : 660mm
Blade thickness : 0,7mm 
Width of cut : 1,07mm
Pitch : 2,15mm
Weight : 220 grams

+ 1 Rip cut spare blade (teeth are smaller close to the handle)
Blade length : 300mm (11.8")
Blade thickness : 0,66mm 
Width of cut : 0,93mm

Hard impulse-treated teeth, heated briefly and shockingly cooled to obtain a very hard blade. 
Ideal for cross cutting conventional sawn wood, plywood, laminated board.... and also fast ripcut. 

Excellent durability.

Wood handle wrapped with rattan.

Made in Japan

Maximum quantity available reached.

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